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Nigeria’s Electricity Transmission Grid Requires Reform

Nigeria’s Electricity Transmission Grid Requires Reform

The objectives of Nigeria’s electricity sector reform is to promote a private sector led market, ramp up capacity, seek efficiency and ultimately, secure improved delivery of power to consumers. The first objective has been partially met with the handover of PHCN successor companies to private investors on November 1, 2013 but the other objectives appear

The Environmental and Public Health Implications of the Power Sector Reform

The electricity industry in Nigeria has witnessed a lot of restructuring in recent times. This process which is still ongoing reached its peak in the past year with almost complete privatization of the power sector. The aim of the process is obviously to improve the quality and quantity of power supply in Nigeria and perhaps


Nigeria’s Power Market in Limbo Puts Investors, Financiers in a Jam

Eight months after the privatisation of the now defunct state-owned Power Holding Company of Nigeria (PHCN), the Nigerian electricity market remains largely in a state of limbo as it continues to operate under a set of government interim rules, four months after the planned launch of the transitional electricity market (TEM) was put on hold.

What an Electricity Distribution Company in Nigeria Should Do

While parts of the nation remains in darkness due to lack of gas to power stations and the myriads of problems bedevilling the nation’s power sector, it may still be possible for operators to carry out crucial activities without incurring much cost to themselves. New owners of the electrical network need to ascertain the true

Despite Challenges, Analysts Allay Fears over Power Sector Loans

In the estimation of the Managing Director of Asset Management Corporation of Nigeria (AMCON), Mr. Mustafa Chike-Obi, all the money deposit banks in Nigeria today are healthy. His vote of confidence in these financial institutions was understandably hinged on the fact that the creation of AMCON has offered the banks the opportunity to have their

Nigeria’s N150bn Metering Market Lies Untapped as Deployment by Discos Slows

The much-anticipated growth spurt in the Nigerian metering market has yet to come on stream as the new investors in the electricity distribution companies (Discos) continue a slower-than-expected deployment of prepaid meters even as consumers are poised to buy. With a deficit of over 4 million meters in the country and high demand for prepaid

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