Sure-P Trains 191 Graduates for Power Sector


The Subsidy Reinvestment and Empowerment Programme (SURE-P) has revealed that it cost N2.4million each to train 191 graduates at the National PowerTraining Institute of Nigeria (NAPTIN).

The training, which was under the federal government’s NAPTIN Graduate Skills Development Programme was designed by government to bridge the skill gap in the power sector.

The Convener of SURE-P, Peter Esele said in Abuja at the graduation ceremony of the 2014/2015 session, that the amount was spent on provision of hostel accommodation, power facility attachments, and stipends.

Esele explained that it was not true that SURE-P has not impacted on Nigerians, as lots of money was spent on the Lagos/Kano rail project, hospitals, road projects and the training of young Nigerians.

 He told the graduants that they could no longer claim that the country has done nothing for them, stressing that the graduants were “now indebted to Nigeria, and owe her the duty to do well in their jobs”.

“Solving Nigeria’s problems mean we all have to play our roles and how do we do that? It is to show that we have respect for institutions. No individual is greater than the country but the country can only be greater if we respect her institutions”, he said.

“The fact that we have spent so much money training you means that you owe Nigeria so much now. All of can no longer say what has Nigeria done for me, now it is what can you do for Nigeria”, he said.


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