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Why Nigeria Generates So Little Power

Why Nigeria Generates So Little Power

Nigeria is the greenest populous country in the world, but it is so entirely by accident. We fuel a population north of 170 million — the seventh largest in the world — on an available installed grid electricity generation capacity of fewer than 6GW. In the context of Barack Obama’s initiative last week with his


Germany Ready to Help Nigeria on Renewable Energy

AGAINST the backdrop of the epileptic power supply bedeviling the country, a ray of hope may be in the offing as Germany is willing to provide the technical know-how to Nigeria on renewable energy. In an interview with the Head of Energy and Environment Desk of the Delegation of German Industry and Commerce in Nigeria,

The Environmental and Public Health Implications of the Power Sector Reform

The electricity industry in Nigeria has witnessed a lot of restructuring in recent times. This process which is still ongoing reached its peak in the past year with almost complete privatization of the power sector. The aim of the process is obviously to improve the quality and quantity of power supply in Nigeria and perhaps

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